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MisResultados is a 100% Puerto Rican corporation serving the needs of the health industry. MisResultados comes to light in response to the integration of the regulations, the Internet and the electronic systems to the health industry.

misResultados arises in 2010, following federal regulations that integrate information systems into health services. We are a Puerto Rican company offering electronic connectivity services so that laboratories can communicate with healthcare providers and patients. This connectivity service is known in the health industry as e-Lab.

One of the corporate goals is to provide this service as an operationally profitable solution for the parties involved: the laboratory, the doctor and the patient. To ensure the profitability of the service, MisResultados establishes a communication interface with the different information systems involved in this electronic interoperability. These systems include:

  • Lab information systems (LIS)
  • Electronic medical Record systems (EMR) and
  • The systems that manage health information exchange centers. Better known as: LIS, EMR and HIE; respectively.

MisResultados’ services are developed to meet the federal interoperability standards required by the Government and established in the “Health Insurance HIPAA and Accountability Act” (HIPAA) and the “Health information technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act” (HiTech Act).

We have the experience of two successful entrepreneurs: Marcos M. Martínez, who has been working for more than 30 years in the health industry, specifically developing health information systems for laboratories; And Michael Jimenez, who has more than 20 years of experience processing electronic transactions in the health industry.

Our mission

In MisResultados we aim to be a facilitator in the health industry in Puerto Rico to maintain communications with the health service provider, the laboratory and the patient. We will work within the highest standards of quality, safety and professional ethics in order to achieve the patient’s wellbeing.

Our Vision

To contribute to the development of facilities and tools that seek to improve the operational conditions in the health industry in Puerto Rico, which will result in better health services. At the same time, to offer laboratories, patients and suppliers the best way to communicate and stay connected.


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We have positioned ourselves as pioneers in an avant-garde service that facilitates electronic delivery of clinical test results to patients, laboratories and doctors.
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